Instant pot vegan chickpea curry

This super easy chickpea curry can be made in 15 minutes. It’s very creamy and flavorful. It is just as delicious as your local Indian restaurant minus all of the oils and dairy that they use in their cooking.

In this recipe I use fresh ginger and garlic to give it an extra kick and coconut milk to make it super creamy. I love pairing this recipe with jasmine rice or brown rice.

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Easy Oatmeal 3 Ways

In this post I will show you 3 different ways you can top your basic oatmeal recipe to create variation and have a delicious breakfast every morning. I will also share the foolproof formula for a filling and tasty oatmeal that comes out perfect every time.

PB & J oats

First up is my absolute favorite oatmeal combination. I like to call this “peanut butter and jelly oats.” This reminds me of the classic PB&J sandwich but with fresh strawberries and oats instead of jelly and bread. I also love adding mini chocolate chips and toasted coconut and pumpkin seeds for an added crunch.

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